Sunday, August 17, 2008


Got out on Friday to see the new Keifer Sutherland movie "Mirrors". I am a horror junkie, so I really enjoyed it. I went to see it with my sister, and my wonderful hubby stayed at home with the girls.

I thought the story was great, and the gore was fantastic, and Keifer was awesome. I must say, besides Amy smart and Keifer Sutherland, the rest of the acting was a bit undesirable, but easily ignored. I still thoroughly enjoyed this flick, and would recommend it to anyone that is either a Keifer Sutherland fan, or looking for a good horror flick. OH YEAH... One heck of a twist at the end... I'm known for predicting movie endings (even figured out the sixth sense in the first half), and I didn't see this one coming...

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  1. I really want to see this movie! I'm glad this is the first review of it I've seen and you liked it. Gives me more hope for this film :)

  2. Keifer is HAWT.

    What? Huh? Oh sorry, I got distracted.

    I love horror movies, especially ones with a twist at then end!!!!


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