Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I ♥ Zack Morris

I'm anxiously awaiting the new TNT courtroom drama, Raising the bar . I'm a sucker for all those shows, and slightly obsessive if you ask my husband (but who's asking him anyways).
I'm excited to think of a new show and knew characters, and of course there's Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Any of you 80's fans out there would know him better as Zack Moriss. I Love the 80's and I don't think I missed a single episode of Saved by the Bell. I had such a crush on Zack, and am so excited to see him coming back to TV. On Raising the bar, he plays Jerry Kellerman, a public defender, a passionate and ruthless public defender. Oh yeah, did I mention I ♥ Zack Morris? He's back Labor Day on TNT.

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  1. sounds like something I might have to give a try, would be nice to Zack Morris all grown up. It worked for some child stars...

  2. Ha!! I saw this show advertised and was surprised when I saw him. My girls recently got hold the remote (never good) and we ended up saving a Saved By the Bell re-run on TNT. Brought me back and they kind of watched it too! Funny!


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