Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unsandy Sandbox

My babies are still too young for the sandbox, but i found a great tip for a sandless sandbox. You can make a smaller version of a sandbox using a large, plastic storage container and oatmeal. Your baby will love to feel the oatmeal between her fingers and any tossed out of the container can be left as a treat for the birds to eat, or vacuumed up if you're inside. When playtime is over, just snap on the lid until next time. Not to mention, you don;t have to worry about all the bad rap the good ole fashioned sandbox has gotten.

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  1. This is awesome. How old does a baby have to be for this? I think my daughter is still too young, but she LOVES textures (she will feel the carpet up forEVER), so I'm thinking this would be fantastic for her.


  2. Hi Lisa!

    I hope you're doing well today. I still don't know what the minimum age recommendation for oatmeal sandbox is? I'm hoping it's only a couple of months away for Sakura. She's 7.5 months.

    I just got your comment on my Sonoran Spirit blog. You might want to check out the Warm Spirit Catalog and check out the body butters. There are many lotions in there and all with natural ingredients, but my husband also has bad eczema on his hands and I can say from experience that the body butter works better than any lotion he's ever tried. He'll put it on light once or twice during the day, and then he will saturate his hands at night and use gloves when it's really flared up. Let me know if you have questions or decide to order anything.


  3. Thank you Teresa for the great info. Also looked uo your Q? It looks like infants can safely ingest the oatmeal after 6 months of age. So it looks like Sakura is good to go. Hope she enjoys this new texture adventure. Thanks for the tip, because although I thouhgt my girls (also 7.5months) were too young for traditional sandbox play, you are right this sandless sandbox opens up a whole new texture adventure for those little hands (and feet lol)..


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