Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank you Leslie!!

So, my girls can barely crawl let alone run around (not that they don't run ME ragged), but right now, getting two car seats into the van is a bit of a hassle sometimes. I get worried when I have to leave one infant in a cart or stroller while I strap the other in her car seat.
Leads me to realize, the day will come when I'll be happy to have had the comfort of knowing EXACTLY where they were. What about when they are mobile? Till I came across Parking Pal. This is definitely a great find. The Parking pal is a great alternative to the duct tape I thought I'd have to use to keep track of one daughter while I strapped her sister in...
And the topper is..
Leslie's Life is giving one away... Two kids, three kids, or four? This would be a great opportunity to opt for safety and peace of mind... So, head over and check it out...

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  1. I've seen these and thought they were a GREAT idea. I have the same fear when going out with my children. What a great invention.

    And thank you so much for your kind words today. Really. Thank you!



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