Thursday, July 31, 2008

Intruder Alert!!!

Yesterday was a crazy day, something told me to get out and run my errands early. So, I did my double duty and packed up the girls and out I went. On the way back I receive a strange call, since I didn't recognize the number I did not pick it up. Sometimes I just don't have the time to be bothered, and can just as easily call back when I have the time. Well, I should have picked THAT one up. The message shocked and horrified me at the same time. It was a gentleman advising me that my alarm system had been activated and they were dispatching police.

WHOA! A million thoughts ran through my head, could it have been my mom? If someone is in my house and I get there before the cops, do I just wait outside? It's just me and the girls and they're just 8months old, should I just not go home till later?
I call my mother to ask if she decided to drop in on me, and it definitely was not her. Oh dear, well, I'll have to face it sometime, home it is.

As I am coming around the bend, I see the most wonderful site EVER. In my drive way is my husband's truck, a site I have not seen in two months. He wasn't due to come home till today and I installed the alarm system while he was gone, so it all made sense. It was a heck of a scare, but worth every minute. I guess my husband tried to surprise me, but got a surprise himself. I had to quickly call the alarm company and pray they can reach dispatch in time to cancel the police. We'll save the handcuffs for later...

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  1. What a wonderful surprise for you! Although probably not so great for him in those first moments.

    Careful with those handcuffs, lol.

  2. Hi Lisa, I found your blog on the twins web-ring! I'm glad it was just your husband returning home and not some wierdo breaking into your home! That's happened to me a couple times too and there's nothing more freaky than getting a call from the alarm monitoring service that your alarm has gone off!

    I was reading one of your other posts about helping your children achieve skills on their own and not trying to enable them too much. I struggle with that too!! And my mom was always of the same camp as your mom..."oh, just let them cry it out..they'll learn" or "don't do everything for them, how will they ever learn?" but I hated to see my babies crying for anything. But I did notice they started to depend on me for everything so I had to stop and let them do some things on their own, even if it was frustrating for them. I sat on the floor constantly with my 1st set of twins entertaining them and that's what they expected all the time. Now with the 2nd set, I make sure to give them plenty of time for independent play to avoid being a constant entertainer to them as well. Oh, the things you learn in the adventures of mommyhood, right?

    Anyway, love your blog! Glad I found it!!

  3. It was definately worth the scare ladies...

    *helene* I tried to head on over to your blog and could not... I did however see a little bit... Your twins are beautiful... all 4 of them :) BTW thanks for the advise, especially from another mommy, means alot.. hey maybe I can get on you blog in like 50 hours?


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