Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bummed 4th!!

My fourth of July was horrible, enough of that, I'm angrier, because it was the girls' first 4Th of July and it sucked.

The day began just wonderful, except for the fact that my husband had to work till the next morning (duty calls). Me and the my two monkeys had a wonderful morning together, home alone playing and planning, we knew that in the afternoon we would go out. I had planned to attend a BBQ with my family, but my sister and her family wanted to go to a carnival. Although I was a little upset, since I had already done some cooking in preparation for this, I wasn't VERY surprised. The good thing was that the carnival was at the same park that my girlfriend wanted to go to, to see the fireworks.
Couldn't have gone better if I'd planned it ALL myself right?
To top it off, my neighbor does AWESOME fireworks from his backyard, late in the evening, which is perfect, carnival for the kids, and make my sister happy, fireworks with my friend and our families, make everyone happy, and if that's not enough we can all come back to my place and finish off with more fireworks and some drinks over the lake. Shoot, already have food right?
Let me tell you...

  • First off, my sister is the Queen of tardiness, we get to the park at 5PM and the Carnival is over, the bright side is we're REALLY early for the fireworks, so we get good parking and a primo spot for the viewing on the water.

  • 7PM, So the kids are having a good time, running around, making new friends, and making a lot of noise.

  • 8PM, my monkeys are down for the count (which will only last 30 minutes, too much going on) and the kids are showing signs of fatigue.

  • 830PM there's booming and flashing in the sky, but it's not fireworks. I feel a storm is brewing. Being a mom of twinfants, a quickly start packing up that stroller, I don't want to get caught scrambling with two babies in the rain, but I see no one else follows suit. I know a storm's a brewing.

  • 9PM, still no water, but still no fireworks either, I'm packed up and siting on the grass with my two monkey, getting kinda mad now, I could have been home having a good time at my neighbor's BBQ.

  • 930PM, OK now, isn't it a little late for fireworks? My neighbor must be hitting his climax right about now.

All of a sudden, I look over to the other side of the river, and I swear I can see a wall of water like moses just parted the sea. This momma was up, two babies strapped in car seats, stroller unloaded and placed in the trunk, van on and all doors shut, before My sister and her children (ages 7&9) even arrived. As soon as they shut the door, the mother of all storms hit, and the nightmare began as we stood in traffic (totally worthless might I add) and a 30 minute drive home turned into 4 hours.

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