Friday, June 20, 2008

I want (EYE) Candy

I was just reading an awesome blog "Cheaper than therapy" an was inspired to play along... If asked to pick THE five? The freebie five? HMMMM!!! I definitely had to ponder these.. It's not everyday a girl gets to dream, no questions asked..

SO, in no particular order: (Since if I spent ANY more time thinking about this, my marriage may be jeopardized.

1) Patrick Dempsey, the star of Grey’s Anatomy, can be my MC Dreamy any day.. Call me a Doc Stat.. Not to mention, I had posters of him in my room in the 80's.. GGGRRRRR..

2) Johnny Depp, Need I explain? I Love all that is Johnny... WOW.. (I also had his posters in the 80's. This man can do no wrong)

3) Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes: WOW... This is definitely my HERO

4) Ozzie from Survivor. Mama's gonna have to rock the cradle on this one, but definitely wort the $1,000,000.00.

5)Josh Holloway of Lost: I'd get Lost on a deserted island with this hottie any day.

Well ... These are mine.. GO get your own. Just kidding.. This was very difficult. With so many beautiful men out there, and so many generations to choose from, I know you gals can think of some really great ones.. I'd love to hear what you come up with. If you'd rather keep it to yourself, then be it.. Just thank Jen at ""Cheaper than therapy" for at least inspiring us to think beautiful today..

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