Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Father's day was perfect. Being hubby's first father's day, I was really hoping for it to be memorable. We headed out to breakfast in the morning with the family (my sister, her husband and 2 children, my brother and my parents). We had a lovely time and the girls got to interact with most of the men in the family. Afterwards we came home and gave him his gift. He will be deploying for a long time and will miss Most milestones to come, so we decided to make him a calendar full or beautiful pictures and note all the important dates. I know he appreciated the thought and definitely could use this. He spent the rest of the day playing with the girls. After 13 years of wanting to be parents, nothing fills my heart like watching him with our daughters. His patience, dedication and resolve, are unmatched. This was not just for him, but I think this day will remain forever etched in my mind too.

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