Saturday, June 21, 2008

Don't shoot me!

Well, I'm bummed.
My digital camera is officially broken. I was video taping the girls dancing yesterday when KEC got a hold of the camera's cord and yanked. Down it went, and HARD. So, I am faced with the tedious task of finding a new camera. I really LOVED my digital camera. Oh well, must be a way of telling me it is time to upgrade.
I have been researching for 3 hours and quite frankly, I'm even more confused now, than when I first started. I guess I'm just going to have put myself at the mercy of a sales representative and make my pick old school style. EEENY MEEENY MINEEY MOE!! Just kidding, but I've got to get a camera soon. The girls are growing right before my eyes, and I've become obsessed with picture taking. Imagine, with Muses like these, could you resist?

The researching part is so overwhelming. Most of the 2 cents you find are from tech geeks and my needs are just not the same. I wish we had a site where regular folks review and comment on products like vehicles, electronics, etc. Where we would get the recommendations in layman terms.

HHHHMMMMMMMM Might be worth looking into... It's official, I'm gonna make that my next project...

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  1. Just bloghopping! ;o)
    abelle Only in Silence

  2. I'm in the same boat... My camera isn't totally down for the count, but it's definitely on it's last legs. It's sooo frustrating, half the time it will focus and the other half... just plain blurry (and of course, it's always on a really important picture!).

    Let us know what you choose.


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